[JDEV] Ann: Gush 1.0 Released

Dudley Carr dudley at cs.stanford.edu
Sun Feb 8 18:10:42 CST 2004

Bert Radke wrote:

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> On Sunday 08 February 2004 19:03, Dudley Carr wrote:
>>Gush's default privacy policy shouldn't ever stop you from
> Well, it DID for me.
>>receiving *any* messages. Please take a look at this FAQ item which
>>will hopefully clarify the issue:
> I have to admit, that I was rather anoyned, as it took me some time to 
> find the the problem. If Gush would have told me (as I would expect 
> from any software changing my privacy rules), it would have saved me 
> quite some time and trouble. But maybe Gush even tried to inform me. 
> I cant tell, since it simply locked up and I had to kill it using the 
> taskmanager.
> Maybe you schould reconsider to clearly inform your users that you are 
> changing the privacy rules? Honestly: How many of them will be 
> looking at the FAQ?


Let me start of by apologizing for the inconvenience. However, we are trying our 
best over here so we'd appreciate a bit of understanding. We've put a disclaimer 
in the FAQ as well as a post on the front page.

The reason that we felt that we didn't have to provide a notice within the 
client is that the number of production Jabber 2 servers are still vastly out 
numbered by regular Jabber servers. We didn't want to provide a notice that 
could potentially confuse a lot of users who are unaffected.

However, if people feel very strongly that the default policy for XMPP servers 
with privacy is too restrictive, then we're willing to change it.

For now, I hope it will suffice that we put some additional information of the 
Downloads page concerning privacy.

Dudley Carr

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