[jdev] Ignore previous posts...looks like I got caught in the list move

Frank Seesink frank at mail.wvnet.edu
Wed Feb 11 21:25:48 CST 2004

Subject line says it all.

Did I somehow miss the memo that this was transpiring?  I've been
nagging stpeter & co. the last few days due to glitches in posting
(i.e., not being able to), so apologies guys.  If I had known this was
going on at this time, I'd have settled back and waited a bit.

 From the looks of it, things are starting to trickle into Gmane again.
  I'm seeing my posts from the 10th now coming in long after posts from
the 11th.  Weird.  And the mail archives on www.jabber.org show a ton of 
messages with no subject line, and when you get into them, they list old 
messages from January, etc.  Virus-infected subscriber somewhere??

As I don't receive emails but rather use Gmane for reading/posting, 
apologies in advance if the email versions have been flowing in and I 
simply haven't seen spit. :-/

By the way, is it safe to assume we're back in business now?  I still
have those original posts saved, but don't want to repeat sending them
if the originals are still coming through.

P.S.  From the looks of it, I answered my own question.  Tried posting 
this message in my usual way (Mozilla newsreader hooked to Gmane version 
of these lists), and got the Gmane Autoauthorizer still bitching about 
JADMIN being "unidirectional".  So will try this the email way. 
Interestingly enough, I did NOT get such a rejection for the post to 
JDEV, but it's not showing up, either in Gmane or the archives.  Does 
this mean subscribers will no longer be able to post via Gmane?

I think I'll take a vacation from the mailing lists for a few days 'til 
things settle out.

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