[JDEV] View on using jabber:iq:private and other data storage.

Tom Coffin tcoffin at asg.bellsouth.net
Fri Feb 13 16:34:00 CST 2004

Hi Jesper,

We're using the private storage to preserve most of the client info.
Everything from the user's groups (so we can preserve groups with no contacts) to the colors and font info.  Also we use it to store the transport ids and passwords (we do transports in the client instead of the server).  We have about 50 items we store there.

The purpose of this is to allow the user's "environment" to travel around from home to work, etc.  Local storage is primarily used for things like saving the login name & password, and other startup options.  Also window positions and sizes.

Of course, it helps that we control the server (im.bellsouth.net) as well as the client.  I've heard that servers don't always implement the private namespace.  In fact, _we_ currently only support a non-standard data type in that namespace.  We also have strict size limits on it.  Our client would probably have fits if someone put some other data type in there.  

I think the old JIM client from Jabber,Inc. did some private stuff also, but they totally rewrote that and now it doesn't use it.  It probably works best if you can be sure nobody else is messing with it.

Server Products Architect and Team Lead
BellSouth Internet Group

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Hi there. 

Somehow I can se a big advantage of using the 
jabber:iq:private data storage. 

I Programming Jabber, there is a generel example of storing bookmarks in 
on the jabber account. It anyone familiar with application that actually 
does this? 

The first applications that could tage this advantage could be 
jabber-clients, like storing account-specific-though private
informations in jabber:iq:private instead of a file on the users
harddrive. E.g. Private Encryption key ( or only keyid if the server is
not considered secure enough ) 

Webbrowsers could aggre on storing bookmarks and other settings. 

Moreover in lots of applications this could help anyone "taking" it
personal information with them onto a new/public/other computer. 

(Of-course sensitive data should be handled with care ). 

Webshop applications could allready prefill address/name to an order
when a jabber-id is entered.. 

So what's you view on using these facilities for datastorage and are you
familliar with any application that does it now. 

./Jesper Krogh, jesper at krogh.cc
Jabber ID: jesper at jabbernet.dk

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