[jdev] Empty <stream:features/>

Bob Phan bob at devianttechnologies.com
Mon Feb 16 15:42:36 CST 2004

Okay, a little progress update on the component library for perl for
jabber2.  It can now successfully authenticate using SASL and such.
I re-initiate the stream and the server returns this:

<stream:features xmlns:stream='http://etherx.jabber.org/streams'/>

Which most likely explains why when I try to bind to a domain,
the server debug output shows this:

ROUT: sx (io.c:189) decoded read data (33 bytes): <bind
ROUT: sx (io.c:65) completed nad: <bind name='logger'><log/></bind>
ROUT: sx (chain.c:119) calling nad read chain
ROUT: sx (io.c:108) tag 12 event 6 data 0x80c1600
ROUT: Mon Feb 16 16:22:39 2004 router.c:736 invalid packet namespace,
ROUT: Mon Feb 16 16:22:42 2004 router.c:831 read action on fd 12

Since binding doesn't show up as a feature and all...

If anyone can shed any light on this problem, it would be very
much appreciated.


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