[jdev] Suggestions for Windows installer creators

Peter Millard me at pgmillard.com
Mon Feb 23 14:38:00 CST 2004

Frank Seesink wrote:
> I just wanted to ask all the Windows developers out there for
> recommendations of installer creator programs.  Which one do you use,
> why, and do you recommend it?  Advantages/disadvantages...all the usual.

For Exodus, I use the NSIS installer. It works pretty well, but writing the
whacky scripts requires you to forget a lot about programming :) Don't even
consider using anything other than version 2.0 which includes the "Modern" UI
stuff. It looks nice, works well, and has a ton of projects which use it.

In the past I used WISE which I _really_ liked, but it's a commercial product.
Install-Anywhere sucks as JD pointed out.. you shouldn't even consider it IMO :)

I haven't really tried any other open-source installer pkgs, but I've been
pretty happy w/ NSIS.


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