[jdev] Re: JabberD 1.4.3 and MU-Conference 0.6.0 for Win32/Cygwin

Alexander Gnauck gnauck at myjabber.net
Tue Feb 24 14:00:28 CST 2004


this is really cool. Is the sourcecode of this binaries available
When theres interest then i could build a installer with inno setup


jabber at rationalpath.com wrote:
> With the following grain of salt (Windows developer, almost no
> knowledge of Cygwin/JabberD/anything without a menu and intellisense)
> and with a big thanks to Frank for posting all the
> notes/patches/howto's, etc, I present:
> JabberD 1.4.3 & MU-Conference 0.6.0 Compiled for Win32/Cygwin
> http://www.rationalpath.com/jabberd.zip
> Enjoy!
> James White

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