[jdev] Re: JabberD 1.4.3 and MU-Conference 0.6.0 for Win32/Cygwin

Alexander Gnauck gnauck at myjabber.net
Wed Feb 25 05:59:53 CST 2004


s2s doesnt work for me. I think smth goes wrong with dnsrv. It returns
always all packages with error 502 unable to resolve hostname. s2s port
is routed. It accepts incoming connections but cant resolve domains for
dialback. Some ideas whats going wrong? I tried to connect to lots of
different jabber servers without access.


jabber at rationalpath.com wrote:
> With the following grain of salt (Windows developer, almost no
> knowledge of Cygwin/JabberD/anything without a menu and intellisense)
> and with a big thanks to Frank for posting all the
> notes/patches/howto's, etc, I present:
> JabberD 1.4.3 & MU-Conference 0.6.0 Compiled for Win32/Cygwin
> http://www.rationalpath.com/jabberd.zip
> Enjoy!
> James White

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