[jdev] Using Jabber as service management infrastructure

Sean Meiners sean at ssttr.com
Thu Feb 26 02:23:11 CST 2004

On Feb 25, 2004, at 7:00 PM, Steve Fink wrote:

> Then how can I make them automatically visible in my buddy list when 
> they are created and come up? I haven't quite grasped the whole 
> presence & roster models yet. I'd like to be able to subscribe to "all 
> services" and be informed about new services as they are added, rather 
> than needing to find out about them through some other channel.

It seems like a bit of a hack, but you could make all the services use 
the same base JID with a different resource for each service.  That 
way, when you subscribe to the presence of the main JID you 
automatically get presence updates for any/all of it's resources 
(services) and always know which are available.  It's certainly the 
first thing that comes to mind that would requite little/no 
modification to most clients.

> If I'm looking at a wad of example code, what's an easy way to figure 
> out whether it's written for/going to work with jabber v2? Is there a 
> good document on the API differences? (Should I downgrade to v1?)

 From the client perspective the base "API" (XML and namespaces really) 
haven't changed at all from 1 to 2.  From what I can recall most of the 
differences are either internal to the server itself, or 
additions/deprecations to the default implemented namespaces on the 
server.  Either way, they both follow the core XMPP spec fairly closely 
(in my experience).  I'm sure someone else on this list will correct me 
if I'm out of line here.

Sean Meiners
www.ssttr.com & www.jabberwookie.com

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