[jdev] JabberApplet revisited

Damon Register damon.w.register at lmco.com
Thu Feb 26 08:14:47 CST 2004

Andrew J Caird wrote:
> Damon,
>   Can you offer a "jabber client server" (wow, that sounds weird) that is
> a newer system and have people log in run the jabber client there,
The place where my jabberd server runs is a Pentium 200 MHz with
SuSE 8.0.  If I had to, I could upgrade to SuSE 9.0.

> displaying it back on the older Suns?  So all of your old Sun users log in
> to jc.your.domain, setenv DISPLAY oldsun:0.0 and run psi or gaim or
> whatever you can compile on the newer system?  That might be easier than
Maybe this is a great idea but unfamiliar territory for me so that is
why I didn't think of anything like that.

> investing time in supporting odd software on old systems that (hopefully,
> right?) will be going away soon.
You don't know this place :-(  I still have a Sparc LX in my lab.  Many
of the users in another building have Sun Ultra 2 with a really OLD java
and are just too lazy to get it updated

>   Sorry I don't have anything to offer on the problem you're trying to
> address.
This might be a great idea.  Can you give a little more detail on how to
do this?  What does my server need?  When you say the old Sun user logs
in, just what do you mean?  He still has his desktop but now has an
extra window running this other connection?

Damon Register

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