[jdev] Online Customer Care Support

JD Conley jconley at winfessor.com
Thu Feb 26 12:59:23 CST 2004

I apologize in advance as I'm going to mention commercial entities in
this email.  ;)  I work for Winfessor, so I'm probably biased.

If you want to develop your own, you could always use our .NET SDK
(http://www.winfessor.com/sdk).  We have a DHTML web client sample
application (demo at: http://www.winfessor.com/chat) that utilizes our
framework in ASP.NET and could be turned into your own custom live
support app.

Another commercial entity, Jive Software, is going to release their full
blown live assistant product soon.  It looks really nice:

As always, there are probably a hundred other options.

JD Conley
Principle Software Engineer

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> I don't know of anything, but I'd like to implement it too.
> --Tom.
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> Hi all,
> 	I am trying to develop an Online Customer Care Support System.
> Basically, it's like a queue system where customer gets a ticket upon
> logging in and waits for an available Customer Care Officer 
> to attend to
> him/her.
> 	I am wondering if anyone out there knows if there's 
> already such a
> software available or anyone can help me out with some valuable
> sugguestion on how should i start? Thanks a million. :)
> Rgds
> Rias
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