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I'll also apologize in advance for mentioning a commercial entity, but I
work for Jabber, Inc., so that's where my context comes from.  This is
something we've been working on for a while to fill some gaps with our
helpdesk and increasingly, address customer requirements.  We've currently
got a working prototype, which can be made available on request.  For
self-driven development, there are a number of good open-source libraries
available as well, I'd look at the jabber-net and JSO to start.
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I don't know of anything, but I'd like to implement it too.
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Hi all,
      I am trying to develop an Online Customer Care Support System.
Basically, it's like a queue system where customer gets a ticket upon
logging in and waits for an available Customer Care Officer to attend to
      I am wondering if anyone out there knows if there's already such a
software available or anyone can help me out with some valuable
sugguestion on how should i start? Thanks a million. :)
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