[JDEV] Co-Browsing Questions

Joe O'Kelly joeo at Eidenai.ca
Mon Jan 19 07:57:03 CST 2004

         I am a web Developer looking out for a Co-Browsing protocol/container/ActiveX control that I can use 
         To plug into my piece of software. Our client application would be downloaded publicly for free.
         I would like to know the following :
-          Do you provide such a Kit ?
-          How much would it cost me to license a copy 
-          Trial version that I can use to evaluate the software 
-          Documentation available for the software
           If you have a solution which is different from my requirement, please explain in 
           Detail how I can use it.
        If you further need any clarifications please revert back.
Joe O'kelly
Eidenai Innovations Inc
60 Queen Street East, Suite 106
Brampton, Ontario, Canada
L6V 1A9

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