[jdev] PubSub XMPP .NET C# Client code on SourceForge

Bob Wyman bob at wyman.us
Sat Jul 3 16:53:19 CDT 2004

We've created a SourceForge project to house an open source project we're
developing at http://PubSub.com <http://pubsub.com/>  which demonstrates the
use of JEP-0060 to provide a pubsub client.

See: http://sourceforge.net/projects/pubsubxmpp/ (Source is available)

A tutorial providing an overview of our support for JEP-0060 is provided at:



The existing client is in a very early stage of development but is useful.
What it does is allow you to receive in near real-time the results of
subscriptions you may have with the PubSub.com matching engine. We
continuously monitor over 2 million web logs and over 50,000 newsgroups. A
"sample" account is provided for those that don't currently have
subscriptions with us. The user name is sample at pubsub.com and the password
is "sample".


If you try it out and have any ideas on how to improve the client, the
libraries, the implementation, etc. please feel free to let us know. Also,
if you have any ideas on how we can make it easier for Jabber Client or News
Aggregator Client developers to incorporate JEP-0060 support into their
projects, we would appreciate hearing about that as well.


Please note that the current implementation lags a bit behind the server.
Based on discussions on the standards-jig list, we've updated our server to
reflect the current state of JEP-0060 but haven't yet updated the client
completely. Thus, some of the client code is using older interfaces that
will be removed in the future.


                        bob wyman



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