[jdev] Re: [jadmin] MSN Gateway for jabberd2

Rachel Blackman rcb at ceruleanstudios.com
Thu Jul 8 12:03:42 CDT 2004

> Now, all we have to do is port AIM-t and MSN-t (and all the others) 
> over
> to JCR to remove all dependencies on jabberd 1.4.

Truthfully, as long as various transports are being worked on more 
actively again, what might be worthwhile would be to write a generic 
'transport' framework which adheres to something like Gaim's plugin 

The advantage if this was done right would be that you could simply 
drop in the latest build of any Gaim plugin, and voila, you have a 
transport.  What would be even better is that the plugins already 
expect to hand off things like avatar data, file transfer requests and 
suchnot to the end-user UI... just make the transport architecture 
support those sort of calls and translate them into Jabber/XMPP, 
pretending (as it were) to be the Gaim client.

I thought about doing this under a Windows Jabber server using our 
medium architecture from Trillian as an experiment, but it was just a 
side project idea I found I didn't really have time for.  Still, the 
general concept seems sound to me, and it would doubtless make Jabber 
transports both easier to maintain /and/ more featureful to do 
something like this.

Rachel 'Sparks' Blackman -- sysadmin, developer, mad scientist
"If it is not broken, give me five minutes to redesign it!"
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