[jdev] Re: [jadmin] MSN Gateway for jabberd2

Paul Curtis pfc at terrapin.com
Thu Jul 8 12:17:51 CDT 2004

Rachel Blackman wrote:

> Truthfully, as long as various transports are being worked on more 
> actively again, what might be worthwhile would be to write a generic 
> 'transport' framework which adheres to something like Gaim's plugin 
> architecture.
> The advantage if this was done right would be that you could simply drop 
> in the latest build of any Gaim plugin, and voila, you have a 
> transport.  What would be even better is that the plugins already expect 
> to hand off things like avatar data, file transfer requests and suchnot 
> to the end-user UI... just make the transport architecture support those 
> sort of calls and translate them into Jabber/XMPP, pretending (as it 
> were) to be the Gaim client.

The only issue I can see would be that the transports deal with many 
sessions for a given legacy system. It would take some wrangling to make 
           the plugins behave in that environment. Not impossible, but 
not easy either.


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