[jdev] Newbie, In great help

Salman jamali salmanj_85 at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 9 03:19:24 CDT 2004


   Justin, thanks for your reply, I have few more questions:

1) If you think VC++ 6.0 sucks for jabber IM client development then give me 
the sensible/exact reasons why is it so?

2) What is the best tool to start jabber IM client development quickly, 
Keeping in view that I have to make few complicated extensions later; 
connectivity, voic chat, skinability etc.  Name few of the them.

3) I need to reffer some JIM clients developed in VC++ 6.0 or VB++ 6.0 or 
.NET for source code. I need buildable source codes of them, What do you 

4) Are Miranda, Gaim and Trillian using Jabber Libraries ? Name few of the 
JIMs using Jabber libraries?

Please reply very very urgently..

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