[jdev] introduction to client development

Salman jamali salmanj_85 at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 9 11:44:08 CDT 2004


  The last answers really helped me so im back again;)
  To start developing a jabber IM client in VC++ 6.0, I need to do this:

1) Suppose I want to develop something almost a clone of PSI,
2) I downloaded PSI source code for reference, The QT library and I made 
that !
3) The thing that disturbs me is what is the term "JABBER BASED IM CLIENT" 
Actually means???
        -- do it reffers to a client made using jabber libraries (e.g. 
jabberoo for VC++)
        -- Or it means a client that connects to jabber network using ane 
server, regardless of its development??

   I would really be thankful if some one can finaly solve this query of 
   I must say without this mailing list I would have abandoned Jabber.


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