[jdev] JCR 0.2.4 Released

Paul Curtis pfc at terrapin.com
Fri Jul 9 14:56:20 CDT 2004

An updated and tested version of the JCR library is available at 

Included in this release aare the socket connection functions required 
for for most legacy IM system transports.

Please note: if you are planning to use this library with mu-conference, 
please use the updated 'main.c' in the 'src' sub-directory of JCR rather 
than the one provided with mu-conference.

Also note: Yahoo! Transport release 2.3.2 will compile and execute with 
this version of the library. Yahoo-t 2.3.2 includes a 'main.c' and a 

Last Note: BSD users will most likely have to adjust the 'jcomp.mk' to 
include additional libraries and library paths.

Questions, patches, and bugs to the mailing lists, please.


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