[jdev] Announcing Gradient / Scaling between federated servers

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Wed Jul 14 06:50:04 CDT 2004

> I don't yet have a concrete solution to this, but my first reaction
> was to move the 'server' JID to within the XMPP server - i.e. the
> sever would have a JID of more similar to a MUC room, such as
> "demo.example.org/gradient". My thinking was to federate an
> 'application' XMPP server that would host these JIDS with an
> 'authentication' XMPP server to which users sign on, manage rosters
> etc.
> For example, suppose I set up ian.net with Jabberd2. Users can sign
> on, chat with other users, etc. When Bob has an app that he wants to
> make available to the general public, he federates bob.net with
> ian.net, and thereafter (assuming I understand what federation is) GET
> IQs sent from users on ian.net to a JID such as "app.jabber.bob.net"
> are routed via the federation between the two servers on port 5269.
> My question is, how do federating servers scale to handle large
> amounts of traffic? Would the architecture scale any better than if he
> had simply connected as app at jabber.ian.net?
> I get the feeling I may be looking at this the wrong way. I'm
> interested in listening to anyone who knows more about XMPP and has
> ideas about how to approach this.

I would suggest no doing it like this, as far as I can see you would be far
better of using pubsub for whiteboarding like this as others have already
been discussing, either on JDEV or Standards-JIG, have a look in the mail
list history.



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