[jdev] usage of jabberd2-realm

Christian Welzel gawain at camlann.de
Fri Jul 16 08:10:32 CDT 2004

Hi !

I'm thinking about a protocol based in jabber for communication between
muds. today i have installed jabberd2 and noticed, that jabberd2 provides
the possibility to athenticate users based on realms.

The protocol shall provide the possibility to switch transparently between 
the servers, so if one server ist not available, a mud can connect to another
server, without the need for other muds to know the new address.
As i understood the realms, i can authenticate the mud on all servers with 
same login/pwd, if all servers are in the same realm and share the login
database. So i can ensure that a certain mud-name (username) on all 
servers is always the same mud. Is this correct ?
(databases can be synchronised by replication [for example])

The problem is now: is there an automated way to send incoming messages
to the main-jid of a mud to another jid on a second server, in case the mud
has logged in on a backup server ?

two muds "Regenbogen" and "Wunderland"
two servers serv1.mud.de. serv2.mud.at, same realms, same login-database
main jid: "R" -> regenbogen at serv1.mud.de, "W" -> wunderland at serv2.mud.at
serv2.mud.at crashes and "Wunderland" logs into serv1.mud.de -> new jid
"R" wants to send msg to "W" but only nows the main-jid -> HOW can this be
   done ?

Thanks in advance.

 MfG, Christian Welzel
  (Sektionsvorsitzender und Admin AG DSN Gerokstrasse)

  GPG-Key:     http://www.wh9.tu-dresden.de/~gawain/www.camlann.de/key.asc
  Fingerprint: 4F50 19BF 3346 36A6 CFA9 DBDC C268 6D24 70A1 AD15
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