[jdev] Few newbie questions about a jabber server

Rodrigo G.S.Elias, Voxline rgambera at voxline.com.br
Mon Jul 19 16:12:28 CDT 2004

Hi everyone,

I started to use Jabber to try to resolve a problem that i have here in the
company that i work: "I have to build a Instant Messenger to work via web."

So i started to read lots of ebooks to try to find out one way to do it. I
build a simple app with php + xml + mySQL that resolve in parts my problem.
When the DB are with just a few users the app works great, but when the
operators insert about 800 users, the app became impossible to use.

And now i'll try to use jabber to resolve my problem, but i've to make a few
questions to dont shoot my foot again. :)

- I'm running a jabber server in my machine to test, can i have some way to
include a lot of users in one DB (mySQL, pgsql, SQL Server, DB2, Oracle) and
autenticate them from the DB?

- Can i made some business rules in my application? Like, 3 users (a,b,c)
user a and b cant talk, but user c can talk with both of them.

I think that's for now.

I hope that someone will help me.

Thanks in advance.


Rodrigo G.S.Elias
Analista de Sistemas Pleno
DDR. 55 11 5525-5412
FAX. 55 11 5525-5550

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