[jdev] Few newbie questions about a jabber server

Alexey Nezhdanov snake at penza-gsm.ru
Mon Jul 19 23:06:42 CDT 2004

В сообщении от 20 Июль 2004 01:12 Rodrigo G.S.Elias, Voxline написал(a):
> Hi everyone,
> I started to use Jabber to try to resolve a problem that i have here in the
> company that i work: "I have to build a Instant Messenger to work via web."
> So i started to read lots of ebooks to try to find out one way to do it. I
> build a simple app with php + xml + mySQL that resolve in parts my problem.
> When the DB are with just a few users the app works great, but when the
> operators insert about 800 users, the app became impossible to use.
> And now i'll try to use jabber to resolve my problem, but i've to make a
> few questions to dont shoot my foot again. :)
> - I'm running a jabber server in my machine to test, can i have some way to
> include a lot of users in one DB (mySQL, pgsql, SQL Server, DB2, Oracle)
> and autenticate them from the DB?
Yes you can. Certanly with jabberd2, may-be with jabberd1.4.
> - Can i made some business rules in my application? Like, 3 users (a,b,c)
> user a and b cant talk, but user c can talk with both of them.
With jabberd2 you can use privacy rules to drop messages between users but 
this will be user-configurable. You have to patch jabberd2 to make such rules 
"in stone".
> I think that's for now.
> I hope that someone will help me.
> Thanks in advance.
> []s
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