[jdev] Jabberoo/XML Parsing for Newbie.

Salman jamali salmanj_85 at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 21 03:35:51 CDT 2004

Hi to all. PLease answer a few questions... I  really need the answers, As 
im unable to find detailed docs.

Do jabberoo being an XML parser can provide all the functionalities of 
Jabber Protocol? including MUC and FILETRANSFER JEPs. If Yes then how do i 
use  it to get these working in my client. Please give a few hints. Im 
developing my client in VC++.

One more thing. I need to use a number of JEPs in my Client e.g. MUC, TINS, 
Disco, Filetransfer. But i dont know how shud i get them working in VC++. Do 
i have to use any XML parser? Cann Jabberoo provide this?

Please please any1 answer Very soon.

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