[jdev] shared groups

Nick Vidal nick at inf.ufrgs.br
Wed Jul 21 12:57:23 CDT 2004

 > A number of people on this list have asked for what I call "shared 
Interesting concept.

I was wondering about a mechanism for sharing these shared roster groups 
among jabber servers worldwide, as if they were communities of people 
interested in a given subject or part of some organization. That way, 
people would be able to find their peers much like it is done nowadays 
in social network applications like Orkut, but in a peer-to-peer 
fashion. Maybe these mechanism ought to function much like newsgroups. 
People from one organization (i.e. that share the same jabber server) 
probably have the same interests and therefore share the same 
communities. So initially searches for shared roster groups would be 
restricted to the local server, only later being propagated to other 
servers. :)

But hey, it is just one crazy idea i thought about. I'm very new to 
Jabber (I heard about it this month!) so I don't know what I'm talking 
about! Hopefully someday I'll be able to join the team! :)

Best regards,
Nick Vidal
Níccholas Rodriguez Vidal

maqi at jabberstudio.org wrote:

>On Wed, 14 Jul 2004, Peter Saint-Andre wrote (on JADMIN ;-):
>>A number of people on this list have asked for what I call "shared groups"
>[Shared Groups as in "standard pre-populated rosters for example in
>corporate use"]
>There's a Wiki page now:
>Anybody interested should have a look (and contribute :-).
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