[jdev] jabberd2 making a nad from char* ( buf->data)

Remy HAREL remy.harel at GICM.FR
Wed Jul 28 05:18:26 CDT 2004

   Hi list,

 I'm working on jabberd2 server and I need to make a nad_t from a char*. 
In fact, I have exported nad_t datas to a char* by using the nad_print 
function, made some modifications on this char*, and now I would like to 
make a new nad from this char*. Of course, this char* is well formed and 

 Anyone could help me by giving the way to do that ? any feedback would 
be appreciated.

 thks, regards,

Remy Harel - remy.harel at gicm.fr
G.I.C.M - Distributed Systems & IT
Linux Registered User #224740

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