[jdev] Storing data on the server

Remy HAREL remy.harel at GICM.FR
Wed Jul 28 05:30:12 CDT 2004

Heiner Wolf wrote:

>what is the recommended way to store something (XML) on the server?
>I have a suspicion, but I would like to hear from someone else :-)
I'm working on jabberd2 server project for the moment... and I have to 
store data, and I use this function :

01030 void nad_print(nad_t nad, int elem, char **xml, int *len)
01031 {
01032     int ixml = nad->ccur;
01034     _nad_ptr_check(__func__, nad);
01036     _nad_lp0(nad,elem);
01037     *len = nad->ccur - ixml;
01038     *xml = nad->cdata + ixml;
01039 }

>jabberd 1.x provided public XML storage of iq-query namespaces like "storage:client:something". What kind of
>server storage is recommended for jabberd2?
some datas are stored in the DB, but you can store  all that you want by 
using the nar_pirint function. You can read the log files too !

good luck

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