[jdev] New developer

christian.stange christian.stange at telex.no
Wed Jun 2 05:49:55 CDT 2004

I'm about to implement jabber for a new commercial service, and due to 
a couple of reasons, I will have to base it on the jabberd server. And 
due to the same reasons, I'm stuck with  ver. 1.4 for the time being.

This means that I will have to make all my own extensions. The first 
and most important service , is virus check on all transmitted files. 
This is going to be integrated with an email based service, so I will 
have to convert the message to email, send it through virus check and 
then convert it back to a jabber message. While this isn't the best 
solution, I 'm comfortable with it , as it gives me som other benefits.

My problem is that the only jabber-smtp gateway is programmed in Perl, 
a language I don't know and can't use on my server. I will have to use 
Java (or C .. or Cobol :-) And this brings me to my big issue: where do 
I find a design document that describe how I make an external component 
and how I plug it into jabber?

The next service demands that I can filter ALL messages that goes 
through my server. Any pointers to how ?

A third service is based on a gateway server, but here I can build an 
protocol handler on the gateway and have it talk jabber protocol over 

I know this seems like basic knowledge, but I've tried to find the 
relevant info, and after over one week of reading protocols, code and 
documentations, I realize that I need help in finding my answers.


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