[jdev] Run JabberD As WindowXP/2000 Service

Henry Lo Henry.Lo at teligencecom.com
Wed Jun 2 14:08:26 CDT 2004

Hi all,

I have a problem to run my JabberD as a window service.

Currently, I download JabberD-1.4.2.exe from
http://jabberd.jabberstudio.org/1.4/. I develop a flash IM client to
communicate with my JabberD server. It run as DOS Prompt and just works
fine in my development environment. 

The startup script will look like following:
C:\JabberD\jabberd.exe -H "C:\JabberD" -s "C:\JabberD\spool"

Before I move JabberD to production, I have been told I CANNOT run
JabberD in DOS Prompt. So I try to setup JabberD to run as Window
Service (XP/2000) (sorry, our company is a M$ house, I must force to use
window in production).

However, I don't have luck to setup JabberD into window server. What I

PLAN A: Make use of cygrunsrv.exe from cygwin.com to convert
JabberD-1.4.2.exe to win(XP) service
1) download Cygrunsrv version 0.99-1 and 1.0-1 from
2) install JabberD service using following command:
cygrunsrv --install jabberd --path C:\JabberD\jabberd.exe --disp "JABBER
Server" --args "-H C:\JabberD -s C:\JabberD\spool" --shutdown
3) When I ran above command I got error "The Procedure entry point
__getreent could not be located in dynamic link library cygwin1.dll"
4) so I download the latest cygwin1.dll(cygwin1-20040530.dll) from
http://cygwin.com/snapshots/, and replace the existing one in
5) Redo step 2) JabberD service installed, BUT I cannot start up the
jabberD. NOTE: I cannot start JabberD in Dos Prompt also.
6) If I switch back to OLD cygwin1.dll, I can start JabberD in Dos
So the problem here is JabberD-1.4.2.exe need the OLD cygwin1.dll, but
cygrunsrv.exe(0.99-1 or 1.0-1) need the latest cygwin1-20040530.dll. 
7) So I try to use cygwin1-20040530.dll to install JabberD as win
service, then I downgrade to OLD cygwin1.dll, when I startup the JabberD
service in Window Service, I got general error from service control
"Error 1053: The Service did not respond to the start or control request
in a timely fashion"

PLAN B: make use INSTSRV.exe from M$ to install JabberD-1.4.2.exe as win
1) run INSTSRV JABBERD c:\jabberd\jabberd.exe
2) modified regedit path to executable to contains the parameters as
following: "c:\jabberd\jabberd.exe" -H "C:\JabberD" -s
3) Startup the JABBERD service, I got general error from service control
"Error 1053: The Service did not respond to the start or control request
in a timely fashion"

I have no luck to run JabberD-1.4.2.exe as window service. 

Does anyone know how to do it?

Thanks in advance


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