[jdev] iq:private question

Craig Hollabaugh craig at hollabaugh.com
Thu Jun 3 15:36:37 CDT 2004


I'm trying to send an iq with <query xnlns='jabber:iq:private'> between my custom
non-IM clients. I noticed that jabberd v1.4.3 intercepts and bounces the message. 
I see in jsm/modules/mod_xml.c that the server returns a TERROR_NOTACCEPTABLE

I don't have jabberd v2 running yet to check for similar behavior but looking
at the source, sm/mod_iq_private.c, I see 

    /* we're only interested in no to, to our host, or to us */
    if(pkt->to != NULL && jid_compare_user(sess->jid, pkt->to) != 0 && strcmp(sess->jid->domain, pkt->to->domain) != 0)
        return mod_PASS;

Does returning mod_PASS mean that my iq queries with xnlns='jabber:iq:private' will
be routed to my custom client?

ps. I want to use the jabber:iq:private namespace for my app instead of developing
a new one that does the same thing.

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