[jdev] a notification system

Johann romefort at club-internet.fr
Sat Jun 5 13:50:07 CDT 2004

Hi Mark,

It all depends on what kind of notification system you plan to build. 
JMS is Java only, so you're stuck with passing messages around JVMs, but 
it has some transactionnal support, selectors (filters) with a kind of 
SQL language,  is not user centric,  and much rather 
application-centric. Jabber as far as I understood it, is much more user 
centric, not tied to any programming language, and only define some core 
protocols, along with extensions. Also it is XML-based which imply some 
overhead to parse the stream. In both case there is a ton of Open-source 
You could also have a look at JXTA, which is not tied to any particular 
programming language, and use XML too, on a more application centric way.



Mark Cantrell wrote:

> Is Jabber a good protocol for building a notification system around?   
> I've looked into jms and uddi but really didn't want to go down that  
> road.
> Basically,  I had imagined a jabber server with several custom  
> components used to handle notification events from various sources,  
> i.e. other applications on the network.  The components may also do  
> their own timely polling, instead of waiting around for an event to  
> arrive.
> I didn't want to beat my head on the wrong wall.
> Thanks
> Mark
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