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Juan Jose Comellas juanjo at comellas.com.ar
Mon Jun 7 10:47:22 CDT 2004

How does SVG deal with embedded pixmaps? I think that the ability to insert a 
screen capture in the whiteboard is essential.

On Sunday 06 June 2004 10:54, Mats Bengtsson wrote:
> Agree completely. As said before, the subset of SVG called Tiny SVG (SVGT)
> is the more likely candidate. No need to invent one ourselves.
> BUT, even SVGT is really large, and a complete implementation very
> demanding. SVG is, of course, targeted to static documents, which means
> they can do editing on the xml document itself. We cannot do that since we
> only have a stream of xml floating back and forth. This introduces a number
> of complications, editing commands, synchronization etc.
> The actual drawing is handled with SVG(T), but we need to add extra
> elements for editing at least. Also, every element must be uniquely
> identifiable, so we need to add an id tag. And the synchronization...
> Also, SVG doesn't add any default bindings to elements, but they all have
> to be defined in the document using scripts, like moving and other
> editing... We, on the other hand, already know we have a drawing tool, and
> therefore expects some standard bindings for moving, scaling etc.
> Only if some nonstandard bindings are necessary for particular
> functionality, additional scripts must be supplied. This raises more
> questions usw...
> There are no newlines in SVG, but we expect to have multiline text.
> Problems.
> Well, just some thoughts. If someone is willing to put some effort into
> this, I'm willing to continue with my experimental implementation in
> the Coccinella client.
> Mats
> > On Fri, 4 Jun 2004 05:15, Rodolfo Gonzalez Gonzalez wrote:
> > > Hi,
> > >
> > > is there any active whiteboard JEP?... I found out that JEP-10 was such
> > > a JEP, but was obsoleted (?). Any effort in this sense, apart from
> > > Coccinella?.
> >
> > There was one other client (Neos) which had implemented Whiteboarding (so
> > perhaps some effort towards standardisation wouldn't be a bad idea, now
> > that there are at least two working clients...)
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