[jdev] File transfer: "deficiency in the protocol"?

Mattias Campe Mattias.Campe at Ugent.be
Tue Jun 8 10:44:58 CDT 2004

maqi at jabberstudio.org schreef:
> On Tue, 8 Jun 2004, Mattias Campe wrote:
>>I like Jabber very much, but file transfer has always been a problem. I
>>don't have much time (now) to do research on this, but I've tried a JAJC
>><-> Trillian Pro, a Psi <-> Exodus and a Psi <-> Trillian Pro file
>>transfer. Others tried a Trillian Pro <-> Trillian Pro. All of them
>>didn't work.
> Of course you have to use clients which support the new file transfer
> JEPs. Also, without error messages/XML it is not possible to say what
> caused the problems.

*blush*... sorry, it seemed that I jumped onto conclusions too fast :-s. 
I tried (ok: okay: nok: not okay):

        Windows XP            Windows Me
-) Trillian Pro        -> Trillan Pro           ok
-) psi-0.9.2-test2-win -> Trillian Pro         nok
-) psi-0.9.2-test2-win -> psi-0.9.2-test2-win   ok
-) psi-0.9.2-test2-win ->               ok

I don't know what went wrong with the others who said that the File 
Transfer between two Trillian Pro's didn't work out.

If I understand it Trillian Pro uses an old protocol and the others 
(Psi/Exodus) use the new one (JEP-0065)... plz correct me if I'm wrong. 
So I should file a feature request for JEP-0065 on the Trillian forums 
then :-).

Hmmm, should of done more research before posting my first message... 
Still good friends ;)?


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