[jdev] email is a slum

Bob Wyman bob at wyman.us
Sat Jun 12 14:33:39 CDT 2004

JD Conley wrote:
> A NNTP gateway/server with a PubSub interface sure would be nice.
	We currently serve the content of about 50,000 NNTP newsgroups[1]
via Jabber/XMPP PubSub here at PubSub.com. (This is in addition to the over
2 million blogs whose content we serve via the Jabber PubSub protocol.) In
total, we're publishing a few million messages per day using JEP-0060...
	Our implementation of JEP-0060 is going to be pretty fluid over the
next few weeks, but if you want to experiment with receiving data take a
look at the rough notes on the first *very* pre-alpha implementation that I
put at:
	Note: Just about everything other than the actual published messages
is going to be changed from what is in the document. We still don't support
subscribing via Jabber -- you have to use our website to do that. However,
that will change very soon.

		bob wyman

[1] Sorry... We filter out the pictures and other binary attachments...

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