[jdev] Jabber Certification Program

Julian Missig julian at jabber.org
Thu Jun 17 16:49:45 CDT 2004

On 17 Jun 2004, at 17:28, Rachel Blackman wrote:

>> I think it would be a very very good idea to have *one person* be 
>> responsible for the client requirements for a particular year. A 
>> "Client Compliance Master 2005" or something... and eventually we 
>> could have a "Server Compliance Master 2006". That person has final 
>> say on what the requirements are, and has final say on whether 
>> particular things are or are not compliant. Perhaps we could vote for 
>> who this person is or make it a requirement to vote on their 
>> decisions or something, but for something as subjective as this I 
>> think it just makes more sense to have a final say, rather than 
>> leaving it all up to some kind of ambiguous discussion.
>> Also, I think initially we should try to get this running for 
>> clients, and then expand into servers, gateways, components...
> The other reason I thought there should be a Board overall is that 
> expecting one person to verify every piece of software sent in for 
> certification would be... er, scary.  Even ignoring the sheer enormity 
> of the potential workload, there are other practical problems; for 
> instance, what if the Client Compliance Master for a year does not 
> have a MacOS X box, and one of the pieces of software submitted 
> requires MacOS X to run?  Hence the Board.
> That said, I agree there has to be one 'master' in the end, to make 
> the final call.  Perhaps the Master is appointed by the Council, and 
> they appoint the rest of the members?  Or perhaps eventually the Board 
> could be the 'Compliance Master' for each of the categories?  They'd 
> be able to discuss among themselves and provide resources to help test 
> the things submitted for certification, but only one person would have 
> the responsibility for making the final call on what the 
> certification/compliance requirements for a given category were that 
> year.

Yeah, maybe each member of the Board could be a master of a different 
category or something like that.. that works for me. Write it up 
already ;)


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