[jdev] Jabber Certification Program

Rachel Blackman rcb at ceruleanstudios.com
Thu Jun 17 18:16:07 CDT 2004

>> JEPs do not move forward by sheer will of Council or JEP authors.
>> Client-based JEPs need client implementations to test them and work 
>> out
>> bugs... and then the Council can start moving things forward based on
>> real experience.
> Has the Council opinion changed?  If so, I wasn't aware of it.  Real
> experience is apparently overrated.  Time for everyone to go read some 
> mail
> about File Transfer in late 2002.
> And Tkabber _still_ does DTCP based File Transfer instead of 
> Bytestreams.  Yay
> for standards.

Then Tkabber fails its compliance and certification test.  Which is 
fine if they don't care, but they lose the little badge and get bumped 
from the list of certified clients; the clients on the list implement 
file transfer as per spec, and thus if you download one you know it'll 
file transfer with any other one on the list.

This seems more like an argument FOR certification than against. ;)

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