[jdev] Re: Jabber Certification Program

Jochen Wolters jochen at polytropia.com
Fri Jun 18 13:25:22 CDT 2004

> 1) Encourage standardization and interoperability
> 2) Indicate (through 'recommended' features in each year's
> certification definition) features which are not yet required for
> certification but which will likely be required in the following year.
> (Including experimental JEPs.)

Hmmm, wouldn't it be possible to simplify certification by not using 
your "three-level model" (or something similar), and certify specific 
features instead? So, instead of "This is a certified Jabber 'Minimal 
Client'", it'd say, "This Jabber client has been certified for * 1-to-1 
chats, * group chat (MUC), * file transfer, * service browsing".

(NOTE: Don't worry about the website banner: we could use icons for 
each feature. ;) )

That way, users can super-easily tell what features a client fully (and 
standards-compliantly) supports, and there'd be complete seperation 
between the certification process and the whole discussion of how to 
treat "recommended", "experimental" etc. features/standards.



"Our gut-level distaste for something new is less about our reaction to
  the thing in question than it is about our fears of abandoning the
  familiar and comfortable."                             -- Andy Ihnatko

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