[jdev] New server install for internal testing

Johnathen Lieber jlieber at pacificautomation.com
Mon Jun 21 19:15:58 CDT 2004

My appoligies, I did the same thing.  Will resend to the 'ADMIN' list

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Okay, I've installed the jabber server on a debian system using apt.  The
server is running, but I cannot log in.  I'm using a windows client (as will
most if not all of the clients will be) called exodus.  This is the message
I am getting from the client:  An error occurred trying to register you new
account.  This server may not allow open registration.


>From the log file (errors.log) I get a [notice] (192.168..): bouncing a
routed packet to jlieber at ..... From 14 at c2s/201022EO:  Internal Delivery


Any help would be appreciated.

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