[jdev] A couple of questions

Cian Foley (+353 51 302926) cfoley at tssg.org
Tue Jun 22 06:28:40 CDT 2004

Dear All,

I am attempting to write bots and make them available over the major public
IM services out there i.e. AOL, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo! and also over Jabber.

Could anyone suggest the best strategy to take:

I am considering writing my bots using an XMPP client API and making them
available over Jabber.  I would also deploy a Jabber server and install
remote IM gateways to access the other services.
My question in this case is
a) What is the best client API, in terms of scalabiliyt, robustness etc.
b) What is the best server for my situation
c) are the remote IM gateways kept uptodate and are they good enough for
commercial applications

The other possible route I may take is to write APIs for connecting to each
of the major services e.g. MSNP9, XMPP, SIP etc.
Obviously, I would like to try and avoid re-inventing the wheel,

Any comments would be greatly appreciated,

Cian Foley
Telecommunications Software Systems Group
WIT, Cork Road, Waterford City.
e: cfoley at tssg.org
t: +353 51 302926
f: +353 51 302901

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