[jdev] Authentication Patch for Yahoo-t in CVS

Paul Curtis pfc at terrapin.com
Sun Jun 27 10:53:57 CDT 2004

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Nick Birren wrote:
| Works fine, except that I cannot send certain
| characters to a yahoo client (e.g. ü). I'm not sure if
| it is related to the new transport, after all, I don't
| see how it is related to any authentication scheme.
| Could it be because I'm using a new version of the
| Yahoo client?
| Anyway, when a message containing "ü" is received, the
| client blinks to indicate that something was received,
| but nothing is displayed.
| Can it just be a configuration problem? there's a
| charmap parameter in the transport's configuration
| which was always set to CP1252.

I did not change the character handling in the transport. What the
transport does is map UTF-8 to (in your case) CP1252 (Windows character
set). You can change the character mapping to something more
appropriate, but if the majority of the actual Yahoo! clients are on
Windows machine, then CP1252 is correct.

You can change the mapping to any character set that the iconv()
function call will handle on your platform. See the manual page for
iconv to see what chatacter sets are available.


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