[jdev] Authentication Patch for Yahoo-t in CVS

Nick Birren nickbirren at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 27 12:42:05 CDT 2004

Actually, it seems that yahoo changed something it the
character encoding in its latest version - I get the
same problem when working with other IM clients as
well (e.g. Trillian).
If I use UTF-8 enconding in the transport
configuration it works fine, but then older clients
show the UTF-8 encoding of non-7-bit-ASCII chars as
they probably expect CP1252... 

I'll try to dig into this more later - I'd be happy to
know if others (French or German speaking folks...)
are experiencing this as well, or otherwise I may be
missing something trivial.


--- Paul Curtis <pfc at terrapin.com> wrote:
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> Nick Birren wrote:
> | Works fine, except that I cannot send certain
> | characters to a yahoo client (e.g. ü). I'm not
> sure if
> | it is related to the new transport, after all, I
> don't
> | see how it is related to any authentication
> scheme.
> |
> | Could it be because I'm using a new version of the
> | Yahoo client?
> |
> | Anyway, when a message containing "ü" is received,
> the
> | client blinks to indicate that something was
> received,
> | but nothing is displayed.
> |
> | Can it just be a configuration problem? there's a
> | charmap parameter in the transport's configuration
> | which was always set to CP1252.
> I did not change the character handling in the
> transport. What the
> transport does is map UTF-8 to (in your case) CP1252
> (Windows character
> set). You can change the character mapping to
> something more
> appropriate, but if the majority of the actual
> Yahoo! clients are on
> Windows machine, then CP1252 is correct.
> You can change the mapping to any character set that
> the iconv()
> function call will handle on your platform. See the
> manual page for
> iconv to see what chatacter sets are available.
> Regards,
> Paul
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