[jdev] handling subscription...

JohnM johnm at jetsoft.com
Mon Jun 28 11:58:36 CDT 2004

I have some questions on subscription.

Will subscriptions/unsubscriptions always come in the form of sub/unsub requests? Or is it also necessary to scan the roster to see what has changed there?

What does it mean to deny an unsub request? i.e. what if you dont reply with 'unsubscribed'?

In my application I want to allow everyone to subscribe to me, and when they do I want to subscribe in turn.
And when they unsubscribe, I want to unsubscribe in turn. So Im doing something like this:


    if ( subrequest )

    else if ( unsubrequest )

Is this ok? If two of my clients do this to each other, it wont setup a constant flood will it?

-Thankx much

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