[jdev] "sign in failure"

Sheetal D Hiroji sdhiroji at india.hp.com
Tue Jun 29 07:53:30 CDT 2004


>Did you set the hostname for the c2s Manager? It's in c2s.xml




>It's only a guess, but I think the s2c Manager does not feel responsibly

>for the domain the clients requests (ln192).

Yes, I have set this field properly in c2s.xml.

Can you please tell me what should I give in ip and mask field of c2s.xml
and router.xml files? I have put the ip of teh machine from where I am
running the jabber messenger client in <!-- Allow a single host --> section.
But <allow ip='' mask=''/> is commented out. But still I
get the sign in failure error at client end. How do I make sure whether it
has created new account at server to sign in with?

  <!-- Rule check order (default: allow,deny)

       allow,deny - Check allow rules, then check deny rules.
                    Allow by default.
       deny,allow - Check deny rules, then check allow rules.
                    Deny by default. -->

  <!-- Allow a network. If the mask isn't specified, it defaults to (ie allow onle the specified IP) -->
  <allow ip='' mask=''/>

  <!-- Allow a single host -->
  <allow ip=''/>

Thankx & Regards,


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