[jdev] voicechat again

Ulrich Staudinger us at die-horde.de
Wed Mar 3 03:20:35 CST 2004


well, i followed the previous thread and it's my first mail this morning.

* jabber.helixcommunity.org merges helix and jabber
* question of belief whether p2p or server
* server allows more control, i.e. to ban kiddiepornsters on public servers
* good NAT traversal in a few years won't solve anything now
* TCP is more than sufficient for speex data transmission
    * speex crunches 1600 bytes of PCM into 21 bytes of speex (YES!)
* political question whether we should agree to ONE codec or design a 
codec independent protocol
* Skype constantly (about every minute) causes communication disrupts
    * judge yourself is this is good or not
* 1-to-1 chat and MUC cover all use cases for voice/video as well
* consensus in this unified multi media messaging protocol needs to be found

Michael Brown wrote:

>I didn't really follow the previous thread (sorry), but here is my take:
>We really need to define a standard for this ASAP.  Even if half the
>client authors never intend to implement voice (and video) we still need a
>standard for those that do, otherwise we will be stuck with a bunch of
>clients that can't talk to each other - and then we are really no better
>than the MSN's and Yahoo Messengers of the world.
>I say we go P2P.  If anyone has doubts, they should download Skype and
>have a play with it.  I think we need to look seriously at STUN as a NAT
>traversal standard - I believe this is what Skype uses and it seems to
>work very well.
>Speex looks cool for an open codec (not that I have looked at it in detail)
>I think this "Upgrading" from IM to voice is really going to take off in
>the next few years.  I do it a bit already at work with the phone, and
>it's "Umm...what's your number...ok... *dial*...*ring*...Hello?"  It's
>going to be so much more convenient when you can just click a button in
>your chat session and start talking to your computer.
>Voice conferencing would be very nice to have (again Skype just added it)
>but user-to-user should be the first goal.  I suspect something like 90%
>of telephone calls are between two users.
please don't suspect - give a source for your number. i don't believe 
your 90%.

>Video (webcams) have a big "wow" factor that currently is only limited by
>bad NAT traversal.  Expect this to take off in the next few years also.


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