[jdev] voicechat again

Ulrich Staudinger us at die-horde.de
Wed Mar 3 03:38:46 CST 2004


>Yep this is the point I tried to get across last time this was discussed,
>glad to see other people agree that we should first work on P2P voice
>between two users as I agree that it is the most likely use case, and
>anything more complex like multiuser voice chat can always be solved by a
>different spec just like we do with standard chat and MUC.

then here is the simple way for this §!&%§$% p2p case:

1) use JEP 95 to negotiate the voice session parameters
    * includes voice codec ID
    * includes frame size (i.e. 2600byte)
    * includes crunched size if applicable
    * includes channels (mono/stereo)
    * includes sample size (8bit/16bit/24bit/32bit)
    * includes sample rate (i.e. 8000hz/16000hz)
2) do JEP65 stream negotation.

go, implement it. i really give favor to server based approaches.


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