[jdev] voicechat again

Ulrich Staudinger us at die-horde.de
Wed Mar 3 05:10:59 CST 2004

Propably we need two top level protocols, one for 1-to-1 chat and one 
for Conference chat.
we need to find a common ground.

why not come from the use case side?

Media conferencing:
-> one to one
-> multi partner conference

are these two use cases agreeable? i hope so.

now we come to the next use cases:

one to one
-> establish a session
    -> ring partner
    -> agree on a transmission approach with user
    -> transmit data
-> leave a session
    -> graceful session leave
    -> shut down socket

multi partner conferences
-> find a session (through browsing server)
-> create a session
-> leave a session
-> mute a user [please, not that p2p discussion on recieving and sending 
100 streams to/from multiple users]
-> kick a user
-> ban a user
-> etc. [see MUC use cases]

is this agreeable upon?


Richard Dobson wrote:

>>Well, this was my view and about where it was in the previous argument -
>>protocol to spool them all, one protocol to find them...
>One protocol would be fine but we must ensure that a combined p2p and
>client-server protocol does not end up actually being more complex than just
>having two protocols.
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