[jdev] voicechat again

Ulrich Staudinger us at die-horde.de
Wed Mar 3 06:44:22 CST 2004

Michael Brown wrote:

>>if you don't like this expressed swearword, would you like someone
>>saying nasty things to your kids - all without a log file on the server
>>or in the client?
>I guess I missed the last thread where we drew a connection between P2P
>telephony users and perverts.  I suspect it's best not to ask, but I can't
>see why you wouldn't be able log the IP addresses of incoming P2P calls at
>the client end, or perhaps ban the kids from using the computer without
>supervision if you are worried about who they might be talking to.
>Even if the data is going P2P, the connection/control information is
>likely to be going though a server that you can "big brother" if you have
>access and are sufficiently paranoid.
it has nothing to with paranoia, it's about a flat rate of perverts in 
masses which you can easily lower by adding some simple control structures.

maybe i am just so aware of it because the dutroux trial in belgium just 
started once more.
and we should keep in mind microsoft's action when they closed chatrooms 
due to porn.

i don't want to be a law enforcer, but i want to give administrators a 
chance to keep their server clean - in case of relaying - internet 
service providers, which owners of jabber servers are, are (at least in 
germany and propably in other 1st world countries) responsible for the 
content (ISP regulations) flowing through or from their server.

i know from many of the public flirt servers that logging of all 
conversations is very usual. Not only to protect kids, but to stay 
secure against political radical communication as well. of course 
secure, ciphered communications do out-leverage logging, but at least in 
one case i know of IRC administrators forbidding crypted communication 
on their (very big) server. you know, if a party secures their 
communication then it's ment to stay private, which is ok, since 
securing a communication is going along with less handsome tools, at 
least in most cases.


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