[jdev] STUN - ( was: voicechat again)

Michael Brown michael at aurora.gen.nz
Wed Mar 3 07:34:38 CST 2004

> Well my MSN messenger 6 at home tells me I am using a symmetric
> NAT, and it also does so at work via both of our ADSL lines,
> one a watchguard firewall, and one an ADSL router/firewall
> which as luck would have it has UPnP.

Hmm..interesting.  What brand is the router?

> Im in the UK and IP allocation seems fine but I expect it is
> worse in other countries, but surely a client would be able
> to present the user with a message indicating that it cannot
> connect because of problems with the ISP, so users wouldnt
> be tempted to blame the software.

Ah - yes, however the only way you will actually *know* that your ISP has
NATed you is by using a STUN server or similar to figure that out.  Your
UPnP router won't tell you this.

...unless you want to pop up a message telling the user that it's the
ISP's fault every time anything goes wrong of course ;-)


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