[jdev] voicechat again

Thomas Charron tcharron at ductape.net
Wed Mar 3 22:57:14 CST 2004

>> So could we potentially do Speex over TCP using a JEP-0065 proxy (or p2p
>> as defined in that JEP) for voicechat? I realize that it would not work
>> for voice-conference and might not be perfect, but is it possible? Just
>> curious. Again, I'm sorry if we've hashed all this out already -- that
>> was a long thread to catch up on and I am not deeply knowledgeable about
>> this voice/video stuff.
> JEP-0065 is perfect for establishing a TCP connection between two parties
> for voicechat, but we might want to consider something to do UDP
> negotiation.

  JEP-65 is specifically geared twards opeing up a TCP socket to
communicate data.  IMHO, anything that uses it is specifically 'jabber
oriented'.  Utilizing it could be used, but the end solution is, by
nature, something that ends up running as a solution for the jabber
network.  Using existing systems, such as rtp, etc, allows existing
applications alraedy BUILT to handle these things to funciton.

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