[jdev] voicechat again

Thomas Charron tcharron at ductape.net
Wed Mar 3 23:07:25 CST 2004

> We should not really even consider (1) because escapsulating the voice
> data
> and sending it via the jabber server just wont really work for voice chat
> as
> that would produce serious latence that would make it virtually unusable,
> but instead of that the better solution for server based mechanisms is to
> have a third party server for relaying the voice data, like we have a
> separate server for MUC. The only problem with this tho of course is that
> not every server operator will deploy such servers due to the bandwidth
> demands and such, and those that do might well charge for the facility, so
> IMO having at least the option of doing voice data p2p is pretty much a
> requirement, not just doing it all server based no matter what as has been
> suggested by others in the past.

  Not only that, the solutions for such things already exist.  I believe,
as an example, that the Open H.323 project has a MUC, IVR, etc.

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