[jdev] voicechat again

Thomas Charron tcharron at ductape.net
Wed Mar 3 23:21:33 CST 2004

> i don't want to be a law enforcer, but i want to give administrators a
> chance to keep their server clean - in case of relaying - internet
> service providers, which owners of jabber servers are, are (at least in
> germany and propably in other 1st world countries) responsible for the
> content (ISP regulations) flowing through or from their server.

  So, you WANT to be able to filter voicechat?  I'm failing to see what
ANY of this has to do with setting it up via Jabber.  ANY application
can open up a voice conference using existing technologies.  That's what
firewalls are for.  To block and or resitrict access to given things. 
Unless you're talking about implementing a BRAND NEW audio or video
system, I fail to see what relevence this has to do with anything.

> i know from many of the public flirt servers that logging of all
> conversations is very usual. Not only to protect kids, but to stay
> secure against political radical communication as well. of course
> secure, ciphered communications do out-leverage logging, but at least in
> one case i know of IRC administrators forbidding crypted communication
> on their (very big) server. you know, if a party secures their
> communication then it's ment to stay private, which is ok, since
> securing a communication is going along with less handsome tools, at
> least in most cases.

  Again, Jabber wouldnt and isn't being discussed as a way to relay the
actual audio and or video data.  Hence, I fail too see what relevence
any of this has to do with using the jabber protocol to negotiate.

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